How to avoid doing things that will un-impress your interviewers

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You finally scored a job interview after sending out dozens of resume. You practically memorized your resume and expected interview questions/answers. You feel all confident and get a feeling that you got this.


But have you thought about what not to do to get that job? About the things that can cause you to reflect negatively to interviewers?


There are definitely attitudes and behaviors that come off as favorable to hiring managers and score you points during interviews. Likewise, there are things that make you less of a candidate.


Recruiters and hiring managers have answered some behaviors that they hate seeing in candidates, so if you just remember and avoid these, you will be one step closer to getting that job.


1. Insincere attitude 61.9%

2. Untrustworthy response 40.3%

3. Tardiness 35.2%

4. Lack of confidence 34.7%

5. Irrelevant response 32.4%

*Some have answered multiple responses.


Your attitude is crucial

You are so nervous that you started shaking your legs and laughing at inappropriate timing.


This kind of attitude will make your interviewer cringe for being an insincere person. You can practice and modify your tone of voice and posture by filming yourself as if you are in an actual interview.


Give detailed responses to deliver yourself as a trustworthy person

Be as specific and detailed as possible when answering questions. It’s good to provide the most important point first, and then give further explanation.


Don’t ever be late

We all know, you’ve never been to the interview venue. But that is not an excuse for you to get there late. Issues with your transportation, traffic, and other hundreds of variables exist that can hold you back from arriving on time. So it is important to plan ahead and try to get there early.


Confidence is everything

They can sense your confidence from your voice and eye gazing. Avoid slurring as you speak and practice getting your messages across in a clear and confident voice. Also remember not to glare at them as it can make you look rude. 


Always give relevant responses only

Interviewers get frustrated the most when the candidate gives irrelevant answers to the question. There is always a purpose in every questions and it’s important to catch and understand the point and give appropriate and relevant answers.


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