Makeup tips for job interviews

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Attention ladies! (and gentlemen?)


Have you ever wondered what would be the ideal make-up look for a job interview?


Today’s post will tell you all about how to achieve that make-up look that will impress your interviewer.


According to a survey, 85% of hiring managers consider the “looks” of current company employees as reference when they meet candidates for the first time in an in-person interview. So it’s safe to assume that there are certain “looks” that convince the hiring managers to believe you are professional and trustworthy.


I mean, people tell you how important it is to make a good first impression, but they never tell the realistic way to make it happen.


As there is certain clothing that is ideal for job interviews, there definitely are ideal make-up looks.


So take these advices, as it is easy as 123.



Skin/face: Moisturize your skin and put on foundation that matches your skin tone. Then lightly apply blush onto your cheek to look more lively.


Eyes: Apply eye-shadow color that is close to your skin tone and fill in lash-line with an eyeliner. (Tip: Use neutral eye-shadow colors such as pink and beige for a soft look.)


Eyebrows: Pluck and trim any unwanted, messy eyebrow hair. Then fill in eyebrows using eyebrow pencil.


Lips: Any color that is soft and subtle is good for lipsThe key is to make your lips look moisturized and alive. Lip products that are too bright-colored or glossy are not your best choice.


Hair: It's best to put your hair up if you have long hair, as it can look messy. Use bobby pins to lock in any messy baby hair.


And most importantly, put your smiley face on! Practice in front of your friend or family beforehand, so you smiles don’t look awkward.


Another tip is to wear light and refreshing perfume to give pleasant vibe.


Being well-groomed will give you the impression that you keep everything neat and organized, and that you are not a slacker. With this make-up look, you will look more awake and confident that will make your interviewer believe you are a professional and trustworthy person, whom the company needs. 



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