Things that make your resume look unprofessional

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Apparently, hiring managers sort out resumes into two piles; the “maybe” pile and the pile that gets tossed directly into the trash can. If you want your resume to land on “maybe” pile as you are a qualifying candidate, you might want to make sure you are not doing any of the things below that’s yelling out “unprofessional”.


Careless typos

Even if there are only one or two minor typos, it can give them an impression that you are not detail-oriented.  To survive among other competitive candidates, it’s best to avoid minor mistakes like these.


Suspicious-looking email addresses

‘cuteprincess513’ ‘kissyface85’? These look like a kind of email address a 12-year-old would use.  Regardless of your level of position, your email address should appear professional. If you are to create a new email address, a variation of your first and last name is the safest shot.


Too unique

One thing that you probably keep hearing about how to make your resume stand out is to make it unique. But don’t overdo it by including pictures, making it colorful or using crazy fonts. Be unique and creative, but within industry norms.


Lack of information

Listing the name of companies you’ve worked for does not give enough information for hiring managers to see your capability. You need to show them examples of how you got things done at previous companies and how you can do the same at the company you are applying for.


Difficult to read

Hiring managers go through hundreds of resumes for every job posting. You have to make it neat and concise with relative information to make it visually appealing and “readable”. 



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