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What companies nowadays look for in candidates is creativity. You can have all the experiences and degrees in the world, but creative people who can take unpaved paths in solving problems can beat them all.


Similar to behavioral questions, some companies ask questions, which sound somewhat nonsense and unrelated to the position you are applying to, to test your creativity and ability.


Here are some well-known creative thinking questions that major corporates have asked during interviews.


1. Facebook

Q: You had the best day at work today. You get home from work, start to reflect on your life and this thought comes across your mind; “I have the best job in the whole world”. What did you do today to make you feel this way?


A: An answer that is related to the motto/value/goal of the company is most ideal. For Facebook, an example response would be: “providing people the power of sharing and making the world a more open and connected place for people”.

- This kind of question will help the interviewer determine whether you and the company share the same values and goals.



2. Google

Q: Explain why the manhole cover is round/circular shaped.


A: An answer to this question would be: “A square-shaped manhole cover could fall in, if it were inserted diagonally in the hole. However, a round manhole cover cannot fall in through its circular opening in any angle”.

- This kind of question tests your basic knowledge. When you hear the question, you might freak out thinking it’s some kind of a geometry question, but it’s rather a simple question if you calmly think about it.



Q: A man, who was driving, crashed into a hotel building and lost all his assets. What happened here?


A: Here is an example answer, “The man was playing the board game, Monopoly”.

- This is a simple creativity test. Someone who thinks outside-the-box will be able to score some points with questions like these.



3. Microsoft

Q: If you could have one of the two superpowers, the ability to fly or invisibility, which one would you choose?


A: I will choose invisibility, because by that time, I already would’ve obtained the ability to fly.

- Responses like these can show that you are an achiever. It can show them that rather than sitting around and waiting for something to happen to you, you work to make it happen.



4. Amazon

Q: If Jeff Bezos, the founder/CEO of Amazon.com, is giving you $10 million, what kind of company/business will you start?


A: An example answer would be: “Of course, I already have a great business idea. But since I’m sitting here only as a candidate right now, I will share my ideas to you once I get hired”.

- Responses like these can be make your interviewers laugh and create pleasant vibes. Plus it gives the impression that you are confident about yourself. 


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