Since the 1970s, Korean American traders have always been and continue to be instrumental figures in the importation and distribution of South Korean merchandise in the American market.

The international business conducted by the members of the Overseas Korean Traders Association of Los Angeles (OKTA L.A.) bilaterally benefits both South Korea and the United States of America. OKTA L.A. proves to be a driving force of economic growth in South Korea, a contributing influence of the economic well-being of the Korean American community in the U.S., as well as, an effective economic engine that moves the local American economy forward.

Re-established in 1997, OKTA Los Angeles has become an influential business organization where official members can actively access a global business network along with ample business opportunities with well-respected professionals in the world and the community. With its rich 15-year history rooted back to 1981, when World OKTA first established in Los Angeles, OKTA L.A. strives to enrich the American economy by tackling economic hardship and promoting prosperity for its members.



세계한인무역협회 World-OKTA (World Federation of OverseasKorean Traders Association)는 조국의 무역증진과 국위선양을 위하여 1981년 4월 2일 미국과 일본을 중심으로 한 세계각국 한인무역상 조직으로 결성되었으며, 모국과의 긴밀한 유대강화를 기하고 산업정보 및 기타회원상호간에 이익증진과 협조를 강화하기 위하여 "통상부" (현 지식경제부) 지도아래 KOTRA 지원으로 조직된 후 1994년 사단법인으로 설립된 국제적 해외교포 경제, 무역단체입니다.