The Founding The company¡¯s founder, Bill Hatcher, took a leap of faith in 1973 and started MAU after enduring a harsh corporate layoff. Bill decided to carry out his dream of creating a ¡°full-scope¡± staffing and recruiting company founded on his belief in God. With $500, a used desk, and a rented copier, Bill enlisted his family and friends to provide Professional Recruiting services in downtown Augusta Georgia. The 1970s & 1980s MAU faced challenging times through the 70¡¯s, but added office staffing using two separate names: ¡°Ms. Powers¡± and ¡°Ms. Temps¡± to differentiate between temporary and permanent placement services. The two divisions later became ¡°Mr. and Mrs. Temps¡± before finally rejoining MAU in the mid 90s. The 1990¡¯s MAU adapted to the new outsourcing landscape by implementing Lean principles. The company designed and initiated its first outsourcing project in 1996 for a large Augusta manufacturer. Success in outsourcing services continued when MAU earned the coveted ISO 9001 registration in 1996 and become the only business of its kind to gain this distinction in all of its branch offices. Soon after, MAU established its longest running outsourcing project a year later in 1997, which still operates today.