I have not seen 'enterprise open recruitment' that is quite a bit popular in South Korea even though I've checked many open postings for  companies in U.S.. As a matter of fact, Americans put the weigh on private credit and referrals in perspective of business activities including recruiting. In South Korea, many firms usually have the time to recruit employees twice a year, for example Spring and Fall while getting some open postings instantly based on their needs for human resources.

 Of course, I would see why most of corporations have recently opened only a few of job positions. Even if  we could consider the aftermath of the recession caused by the credit crisis and other recent situations, both of the nations seem to have the different recruit system.

 Through help of acquaintances, many people around me have got the opportunity to get interviews. Good relationship with people and daily reputation would be essential to make the performance for business in the U.S. As a matter of fact, people would try developing internal capabilities and specific expertise instead of absorbing in relationship with people because they may believe that private competence and professional skills prevail over relationship and referrals.

 However, such thoughts could be wrong. although many persons would try to change their mind for attitudes of the above it was very challenging to get the different perspectives about business they had not supported for before. Such changes can be a important portion to bring a lot of opportunities and fortune to industrial professionals and job seekers for a beautiful life.

 Recently, I'm very interested in the social network websites, such as Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and so on. Those websites would be fantastic tools to start to build sound business relationship. The one thing I have been wondering is how I can map out long-lasting relationship with instant online connections. It might need definitely a lot of effort and time to accomplish a desirable performance in tough business environment. Perhaps, most international students and applicants have the same concern because they would have to show 'visible performance' in a short time to land  for stable employment.



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