Moving to LA
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By v27xxxx Posted: 2019-07-09 17:14:42


I currently live in Atlanta, GA but I'm planning to move to Los Angeles for a change of scenery and career change.

There's so many neighborhoods in LA and have no idea where to even start looking for an apartment.

I was told Koreatown would be most ideal as it is in central LA, but it seemed pretty hectic when I visited last year. I have a car and my work will be in Santa Monica so I think the west side will be the best for me? Obviously living with a roommate will be cheaper, but I don't really know anyone in LA and I prefer to live alone. 

Would Culver City or Westwood be the best option for me? Budget isn't really an issue, but I prefer to stay below $2,200 per month.



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comxxxx 2019-07-10

I am living in LA about 30 years now.

Santa Monica is core central business area of the entire city, and 

you have to think about the budget and the traffic time to commute. 


LA's average house price is $700,000, 

Santa Monica's average house price is $170,000, and

Atlanta's House price is $250,000.

* you should expect big living cost differences between 2 cities.


If your new company offered relatively same salary, it is better live in Atlanta rather than move here.


Let's see the living cost in LA. The list I am showing below is the average apt. not luxury level.


Apartment rent, (commute time)

5-10 mins - Santa Monica, Culver City  - $3500 - 4000

10-25 mins - La Brea - $3000 - 4000 (good school, Korean)

30-40 mins - Korea Town- 2300 - $2700 (not good school, Korean)

30-40 mins south - Torrance, Gardena - $2100 - $2500 (not good school Korean)

60 mins south - South Torrance, Palos Verdes - $3000 -$4000 (good school, korean) 

30-40 mins north - Van Nuys - $1800 - $2500 (No Koreans)

60-80 mins north - Northridge - $2500 - $3500 (good school, Korean)


If you are single and Korean style, Korea Town is the best choice.

if you are single and American style, Beach city is the best choice (Culver City, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monice)

if you are single and not much money - Van Nuys is the best choice. (Latino community)

if you were married and have a kid, La Brea is the best choice (if no budget issue)

if you were married and budget is limited, Northridge will be best choice.


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