Do I have to pay taxes on tips?
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By rqvxxxx Posted: 2019-07-19 17:54:30

I work as a server in Koreatown and I receive my regular paychecks bi-weekly and tips the day after.

Recently, the servers were notified by the manager that tips will now be taxed. This is the first time ever that tips will now be taxed and my friends who work at other restaurants told me that their tips never get taxed.

I understand there is nothing I can do about it, but is management allowed to do this?

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comxxxx 2019-07-20

Technically, you have to pay tax for the tip.  There is a field for tipping on the tax file.

However, most of servers don't write it down, and don't pay it.

Because, tip is a CASH, so there are no record for trace it.


Same reason, the store owners who receives the CASH ONLY, 

Technically, they have to count that CASH as an income,

however they file less income because there is no record of trace CASH.


It's more like MORAL issue, but

That is an one reason some store preferred to accept CASH ONLY. 




krnxxxx 2019-07-22

Tips are taxed by law. However, I've seen it where the owner does not report taxes on tips. Personally, I've never worked at a restaurant where tips were NOT taxed.

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