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Name: Ki Hong Park

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Chun-Ha Insurance first emerged in the insurance industry in 1990 with the single mission of becoming a vital seed for the healthy growth of the Korean-American community. Thanks to our clients’ unwavering support for the past 27 years, we have become the largest Korean-American insurance agency in the U.S with $100 million in sales as of 2017.


Grounded in the spirit of love and service for the community and with constant effort and investment, Chun-Ha Insurance, a member of ISU Group (which is the 2nd largest agency group in the U.S.), has broke through its goal of $100 million in sales this year. Chun-Ha Insurance strives to provide the best insurance products and services, providing client access to over 350 major insurance companies.


This means that Chun-Ha Insurance will not cease its effort to improve and challenge itself to be a company that closely serves our clients’ needs. Based on the strong belief and conviction that our clients’ success is Chun-Ha’s success, we will work hard to become a vibrant and healthy company that walks by our clients’ side. 

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