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Name: Richard Myung

Tel: 301-219-3719



- The company has been established since 2005 and has continued college financial aid planning services over 13 years.

- The Biggest College Financial Aid Service Provider in Korean-American Community in US  

- Ranked No. 1 in College Financial Aid Planning in Korean-American Community in US  - Over 2,900+ U.S. College Database Furnished

- The 1st College Financial Aid Calculator developer in Korean-American Community in US

- Various Global Leadership & Internship Program Developments with major universities such as USC, University of Chicago, The George Washington University, Boston University, etc.

- Founder of ARIP (Advanced Research Internship Program) in 2014.



Los Angeles, CA / Buena Park, CA / Chicago, IL / Atlanta, GA /  Annandale, VA / Silver Spring, MD / Philadelphia, PA / Flushing, NY 

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92 입학원서 제출 전에 재정보조부터 검토해야 Richard Myung 09-06-2017 674 0
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