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Kim & Lee's outstanding reputation for client service is earned over four decades of having successful relationship with leading businesses in the community it serves. Founded by Messrs. Sung Chul Kim and Jay G. Davis in 1972, Kim & Lee is now known as the largest Korean-American CPA firm in the United States, and operates throughout California . Our services, however, are not geographically limited to California. Our people are rendering services in many other states across the continent of the United States, providing a wide range of professional services in accounting, auditing, tax, management consulting, and more. Crossing over international boundaries, we also service clients in Mexico and Korea. As such, Kim & Lee is one of the most experienced minority-owned accounting firms in the California business community.

The firm's clients range from tiny retail stores to multi-national corporations and community banks and not-for-profit entities. These clients represent a wide spectrum of industries including, but not limited to, international trading, financial institutions, airlines and manufacturing. With its nearly forty years of successful service relationship with businesses, Kim & Lee has reputation as a fine firm capable of handling large scale assignments in such highly specialized areas. Especially of note is the firm's experience and expertise in the banking industry - both unmatched by any comparably sized firms within the community it serves. The firm also holds an impressive service record in the government accounting area.

In recent years, Kim & Lee instituted a multitude of changes in its organizational structure and the service methodology. As a result, the firm has attained a solid growth, and overcome the difficulties posed by the rapidly changing business climate, increasing competition, ever stiffening tenets of professional independence and ethical standards, and increasing demand for higher quality. This growth is attributable to the firm's determined efforts to maintain high performance standards and its continued investments in qualified personnel, ongoing training programs, and quality control procedures.

We offer alternatives. Services of big-name mega-sized accounting firms are rapidly becoming beyond reach for many middle market companies. Our firm is positively emerging as a sound alternative to those expensive services. An alternative that many in the business community have come to rely upon for solid guidance in a continually shifting business world.

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