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Su Jin Kwak CPA

Name: Su Jin Kwak

Tel: 212-775-8299




Our ongoing research on most updated tax laws and regulations, combined with our experience will lift the weight off your shoulders. Preparing tax returns is our expertise and no potential deductions are ever overlooked.

We have assisted F-1, J-1, R-1 and many other foreign visa holders with each of their specific needs. From reporting their income, to consulting their financial plans, we have guided each individual for a more assured experience in the United States. 

We offer a range of services to individuals regarding all tax needs. Services we provide include, and are not limited to:

·  Resident Federal tax returns
·  Non-resident Federal tax returns
·  State tax returns
·  Rent credit claims
·  Reporting Foreign bank and financial accounts (FBAR)
·  Consulting and financial advisement
·  Tax payment plans

Location: New York, NY


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4 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA, 해외 금융계좌 신고법) Su Jin Kwak 09-06-2017 1869 0
3 학비환급(AOC)이란 무엇인가? Su Jin Kwak 09-06-2017 2761 0
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